Our Board of Directors – ACTIVE MEMBERS

Keres Children’s Learning Center was founded with the purpose of reclaiming the education of our Pueblo children and educating them in a manner that maximizes their development and potential as Pueblo people. In Keres-speaking villages from the north central Rio Grande to the western Keres-speaking communities, tribal leaders and elders remind parents and families of the crucial importance of passing on their language, and in essence, passing on history, values, beliefs, and a worldview like none other.

Our Board of Directors play a significant part in helping us serve our community:

Matthew Pecos



Santa Fe Indian School
Community Based Education

Natasha Cuylear




Johnson, Barnhouse & Keegan

Notah Begay III


Board Member

NB3 Foundation

NBC Sports / Golf Channel Analyst

Michele Suina

Board Member

Program Director

Good Health and Wellness in Indian Country Program

Albuquerque Area Southwest Tribal Epidemiology Center

Tanesia R Hale-Jones

Board Member

Adolescent Program Coordinator

Escuela del Sol Montessori

Trisha Moquino


Co-Founder KCLC

Education Director

Keres Children’s Learning Center