Intergenerational Approach

Keres Children’s Learning Center utilizes an intergenerational approach to learning as it is a
natural reflection of the ways our grandparents and their ancestors learned. Having the
presence of all the generations inclusive of our elders in the school recognizes and validates the
way we have historically taught and supported, our children, parents and their families. Persons
from the older generations also have a wealth of knowledge to share, in particular because they
are the fluent speakers and have access to our Indigenous knowledge systems to pull from
because of their fluency in the language . Our elders, also validate our current practices and
help us to create a better fit between all the approaches that we use. Each generation has
been affected by colonization and having the opportunity to dialogue with the parent
generation and other generations also helps our community to understand one another and
heal from historical trauma. Having all the generations present in the daily lives of our children
is an essential element to redefining and reclaiming the education of our children.