Pueblo de Cochiti

Keres Children’s Learning Center (KCLC) will serve the children of Pueblo de Cochiti, locally known as Cochiti Pueblo. The KCLC Board of Directors has been in regular communication with tribal leadership and the tribal council since the inception of KCLC in 2006. Cochiti Pueblo recognizes the effort that KCLC is making in assisting young children to become bilingual or retain Keres/English bilingualism. The Pueblo also recognizes the educational experience KCLC offers for those families who desire an alternative to public school. In accordance with KCLC’s memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the tribe, Pueblo de Cochiti and KCLC will work in partnership to develop and maintain a supportive and encouraging environment for language learning in the community while supporting the Keres language and future bilingualism into the elementary years. Click here for more information on the Pueblo de Cochiti.

KCLC is committed to bringing our Cochiti People full circle on our long journey from the north by teaching our core values through our most precious gift, “Language”. This is a historic contribution on behalf of KCLC. “What will  our contribution be  as a community?” I hope and pray that we will support and embrace such a unique way of teaching and learning our language and engage in the efforts of KCLC.”